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mike & grace roebuck: creating healthier lives
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We got into Shaklee part time for  several reasons.

First we fell in love with the philosophy of Shaklee which is helping people and the environment get healthier. Second we were looking for a good supplements.

Third we wanted Grace to stay home with our girls while they were growing up. 

Fourth we wanted to have Shaklee for our retirement. The last 31 years has gone by quickly.

We have been Coordinators for 25 years and we have enjoyed many of the incentives  that Shaklee offers. We have driven 10 bonus cars, gone on 15 trips with Shaklee. It was great to be able to take our girls with us on these trips and let them see all the places we have traveled with Shaklee. In addition our 1099's have average over $20,000 a year part time. We have helped others enjoy these incentives, too.


Grace and Mike Roebuck